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Surgical Mask Type II 10x 50pcs Pack (500pcs)
Surgical Mask Type II 10x 50pcs Pack (500pcs) Surgical Mask Type II 10x 50pcs Pack (500pcs) Surgical Mask Type II 10x 50pcs Pack (500pcs) Surgical Mask Type II 10x 50pcs Pack (500pcs)
Surgical Masks

Surgical Mask Type II 10x 50pcs Pack (500pcs)

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Item number: 30655
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10 packages of 50 pieces each (= 500 pieces)
Unit price 0.62 CHF incl. VAT (= 0.576 CHF per piece excl. VAT)

- Disposable surgical mask made of 3-layer synthetic fleece
- With comfortable, soft, latex-free elastic straps for fastening around the ears
- This mask protects your surroundings from droplets and aerosols that you exhale
- The masks are 2-coloured, blue outside and white inside. This makes it clear which side must be worn on the outside
- Only suitable for single use, do not use several times!
- CE EN14683

Wear and use the mask correctly:
Visually inspect the mask for damages before use. If it is damaged, dispose the mask. Pull the strap around your ears, expand the mask over your nose and chin, and make sure it fits tight. Do not touch the surface of the mask when putting it on, while wearing it or when taking it off. Replace the mask if it is contaminated with body fluids. Only remove the mask by touching the ear loops to prevent contamination of fingers and through the fingers themselves. Wrap and dispose of the mask properly, then wash your hands thoroughly with soap. The mask is for one time use only!

Why we sell masks:
We have a very good worldwide network of suppliers and logistics partners, which enables us to purchase and transport products even in case of shortages. We can also use our network to have the products inspected on site before shipping to avoid unpleasant surprises. Several of our employees witnessed the SARS epidemic in Taiwan in 2002 and are very aware of the importance of hygiene masks as part of a comprehensive pandemic preparedness. Even if this was repeatedly downplayed by the authorities in Switzerland, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, for reasons that are not comprehensible. We were already very concerned about the outbreak of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in mid-January, and as a precautionary measure we put aside some masks, which we have since shared with family members, friends and also business partners. We were often asked where we got the masks from and whether we could obtain additional pieces. We have also noticed that prices are often disproportionately high and would like to point out that a pack of 50 masks can easily cost less than 40 Swiss francs. Even without the government taking over the procurement and without having to sell them at cost price. We hope that our offer will cause other vendors to lower their prices. We would also like to point out that the masks we buy will not be lacking for institutional consumers (hospitals, nursing homes etc). Hygienic masks are now available in large numbers on the world market again. Of course we offer special conditions for hospitals, nursing homes, etc., but also for small and medium sized companies who want to protect their employees or customers.

Why are hygiene masks currently so expensive and difficult to obtain:
On the one hand, demand has risen massively worldwide due to the Covid-19 crisis, but on the other hand, the supply chain of the entire industry has been severely affected by the lockdown. For this reason, available raw materials are significantly more expensive than normal and production capacities are also limited. Manufacturers with free capacities are accordingly demanding a higher price than usual. Another very important factor is that masks currently have to be imported by air and freight costs have risen dramatically due to the massively lower capacity and the significantly higher demand. We assume that the price situation will ease again as soon as sea freight shipments of masks arrive and the manufacturers' supply chains have improved sustainably.

Shipping weight: 1.8 kg
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